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Seoul Taxis , Korea
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Seoul Taxis , Korea
Traveling by a taxi is the most easiest and comfortable way of traveling in Seoul. Taxi fares are also not that expensive when compared with the other major cities in the world. If you have more than one person to travel , its cheaper to travel by taxi than bus or metro provided that you travel only a short distance.

There are several taxi types available in Seoul.

Regular Taxis:
The regular Ilban taxi are more cheaper. Taxi fare calculated depend on the distance or the time. There fare starts from 2400 Won and increase by 100 Won for each 144 m ( may subjected to change in future).

Seoul Regular taxis are silver or white color and you can hail them from Seoul streets. They are available in taxi stands also. Some times taxi drivers may not speak in English. So its advisable to write down your destination in Korean , so you can use it as necessary. Its good to carry your hotel business card, in case you lost your directions.

Deluxe Taxis :
Deluxe taxis are bit expensive than the Regular taxis, but more comfortable. You can book them by calling 3431-5100. They are black in color and you can flag them from the streets also. You may find more Deluxe taxi drivers speak in English when compared to Regular taxi drivers.

Call Taxis : Call taxis can be booked by calling the number 366-340-50. When you are booking, you can ask for a taxi with the interpretation facility.

International Taxis:
This service is certified by authorities and drivers have certificates for foreign language proficiency. There are information desks are available for International taxis in the Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. You can contact them by calling (+82) 1644 2255.

There are three types International taxis.
The medium size taxis can accommodate upto 4 passengers excluding the driver and they are orange in color.
Luxury Taxis also can accommodate 4 passengers. They are black in color and the "International Taxi" sign is at the top of the car and by the sides.
Large taxis are from 6 to 9 seater including the driver.
Web Site:

Seoul taxi Numbers: Deluxe Taxis 34315100
Regular Taxi 4140150
Call Taxi Corporation 36634050
International 1644 2255

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